Creativity Coaching and Mindfulness


I am a certified Performance Coach and a certified Master Practitioner of  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming.) As part of my training I delivered and assisted on small group workshops with the NLP Training Academy. During this time I created and delivered small group workshops and delivered one on one coaching both in the Uk and in Spain. This has enabled me to offer creativity coaching programmes tailored to individuals and smallgroups

I incorporate techniques derived from NLP, creativity thinking processes, yoga and meditation to teach mindulness in creativity. This enables me to work from a holistic aporoach and helps participants to access their optimum creative state. Being able to a access creative state at will is key to being able to perform creatively. Addressing unwanted barriers to creativitiy can enable creative potential. I offer techniques and exercises to alter moods and states of mind to gain optimum creative impetus.

Painting figurative subjects or movement requires observation and association of the subject as if it exists on a plane carving out time and space. In the case of figurative art, coaching using techniques derived from NLP can enable the painter to use a mimicking of the movements of the subject creating a micro muscle response in their body as this feeds into the painting experience. By imagining and  fully associating with the subject, it is possible to convey the sensation of the dancer, horse racing or other form of movement in the painting as if recreating the world through the eyes of the subject during a fixed moment in time.  

The emphasis is on engaging all the senses during the painting session as if turning up the volume of the sense of colour, movement, intensity of light etc. On the technical side, using a juxtaposition of warm and cool colours to lead the eye forward and backwards can then be used to give an added momentum to the painting.  Also incorporating arm movements through the application of  brushstrokes tracks the movement elements of the painting and adds dimension to the subject continuing the action as if it extended beyond the canvas.