Landscapes provide a meaningful challenge to my approach as an artist. I enjoy using a heightened colour palette to draw out the nuances of locations in different parts of the world that I visit. I envisage a scene which begins as a series of fault lines and gestural brushstrokes often find myself ‘fleshing out’ the painting as if adopting an approach of working from the inside out. In terms of my colour I enjoy using the complementary colours a means of moving the eye around the painting, aiming to engage all the senses in the viewer giving an ‘experiential’ appreciation of my art. Landscape as a moving form is a recurrent theme underlying my painting approach.

Abstract landscapes

Works created on location and based on sketches during painting trips landscapes reflecting heat and reflecting local colour palette.



Plein air painting is a challenge I enjoy due to being forced to work quickly. The most enjoyable aspects are being made to try out a different visual dialogue according to the subject. My unconscious mind seeks out unexpected form and this informs my gestural brushwork.


Painting with the whole body. I use various techniques in my painting approach based on my background in coaching and NLP which trigger all the senses and this feeds into my paintings on many levels. Colour, composition, depth and and revealing etc . See

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