I describe myself as an artist exploring the world through a heightened sense of colour emphasising the relationship between the static and the movement of form in my interpretations. My aim as an artist is to represent the world of form through observation and work created while engaging in a specific state of mind relating to the subject matter. Through a fascination for communication due to my background in design art and communicatrion skills training I aim to reinterpret the world through a myriad of form. As I spend a lot of time in Spain ‘plein air’ painting in as well as running painting holidays in Turkey, Spain and Greece the heat and colour is refkected in my work. My work continues to be nourished through my interaction with partiipants nad oportunities to travel. I hope that you will share my passion for colour and the spontaneity of my style as you work your way through the different galleries. I hope you find the time to explore the different galleries and maybe even consider drawng out your own inner artist on one of my painting holidays in Spain, Greece or Turkey. Look forward to hearing from you and receiving your comments.

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