Dance and Motion


A collection of dance emphasising movement and motion.

This video is a series of photos I took on a trip to Cuba based around dance and slow motion. i deliberately used a slow shutter speed to capture stills of the dance motion freezing the moments in time.

Dance And Motion


Most subjects for me are about observation and association with an art form existing on a plane carving out time and space. In the case of figurative art I observe the subjects using techniques derived from my background in NLP and coaching using a mimicking of the movements creating a micro muscle response. I Imagining fully associating with the subject enabling me to convey the sensation of being a dancer as if I were seeing the world trough their eyes in a fixed moment tin time.  The emphasis is on  engaging all the senses during the painting session as it turning up the volume of the sense of colour, movement, intensity of light etc. This is about being fully present.  On the technical side, I use a juxtaposition of warm and cool colours to lead the eye forward and backwards giving a momentum to the painting. Sweeping brushstrokes contribute to the movement of dance continuing  the action as if it extended beyond the canvas.

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