Homage to Ronda

How can I even begin to describe the beauty of Ronda via my brushstrokes, each one aiming to describe some of the magic embedded in the pinnacles that support this magical town nestled in the Andalucian hills. Elusive and yet so alluring through the painters eye so emphasised when you are captive here. I have felt so privileged to revisit this location. Ronda is a place close to my heart as my late father taught here at the Salesian College many years ago before emigrating to England. So already feeling a special connection with Ronda, I am even more compelled to capture the location using expressive brushstrokes to unleash an emotional response. I have been inspired here on a few occasions guiding painting clients with a view to capture Ronda with a few brushstrokes. The dramatic forms of the landscape invite the artist to interpret their art through an emotional response. I look forward to creating more works towards my Spanish landscape series.

Anna Martin